Chennai Province
Network with Balavikas Kendra

Network with Balavikas Kendra

Name of Programmes: Motivation for students; Health and Hygienic practices and our

             Responsibility towards nature and Environment

Date: 8th Nov – 6th Dec 2012

Places: Velacherry, Thirumullaivoyal, SP Koil, Thirunindravur

In collaboration with Balavikas Kendra, ARUWYE RRT offered motivational classes and awareness on health and hygiene and environmental degradation for the evening study children and their parents.

The training helped them to be focused on their studies and taught them values of human life. They were made aware on their own status and the importance of focus on their education which may lead them towards social and economic advancement. They also were made aware of the importance of healthy and hygienic practices to avoid ill-health and water-borne diseases and their responsibility towards protection of nature and environment from degradation and global warming.



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