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Initial Steps
Realizing the significance of human rights education an integrated effort was made in 1999 during a conference with the Missionary Sisters of Coimbatore. It was then decided that Human Rights education should be integrated along the school curriculum. The training needed for the teachers was given by organizations like People’s Watch – Tamilnadu and TNPCRT. Efforts to co-ordinate this in the District level was also made. The People’s Watch movement and TNPCRI joined hands to formulate the syllabus, the training and assessment schedules and evaluation process. The trained teachers conduct classes for the students twice a week. 13 schools in Vellore Zone, 7 schools in South Zone and 8 schools in Chennai Zone are imparting Human Rights Education with goal directed methods and genuineness.
Execution of the Plan
  • Seminar on Human Rights
    As per the action plan every year the seminar on Human Rights is conducted for the teachers.
  • Observance of the Human Rights Day on 10th December in all the Schools.
  • Human Rights Education imparted to the members of the SHGs and Evening Coaching Center children.
  • The students have developed a moral courage to question any violation of human rights..
  • The girls have gained awareness to stop the parents from engaging children as servants at home.
  • They have inculcated sensitivity to help the poor and down-trodden fellow students by paying their fees and in other meaningful ways.
  • A proper knowledge about preservation of the environment and women’s rights has helped them to face problems in a matured way.
Journey Made:
Heeding to the call of the ‘Guidelines for the educational mission of the FMA’ and responding to the new forms of poverty, many educational programmes were undertaken for the Srilankan refugees. As the Srilankan ethnic war broke out, compelling a massive refugee entry into Southern India, ten FMAs of our Province, together with the Co-ordinators of JRS (Jesuit Refugee Service) assembled at Mandapam Camp Rameswaram, Dhanushkodi and Mannargudi in August 2006, to welcome the Sri Lankan refugees at the height of the influx into the Southernmost tip of India. The Salesian Sisters accompanied the migrants and remedial help was rendered to support the broken families who came from frustrating experiences.
Sr. Regina Mary Rathinasamy, FMA, volunteered to work as a full timer with the Jesuits Refugee Service. The triple mission of the JRS was to 'Accompany, Serve and Advocate'.
Formative Programme
Personality Development Programme
Leadership Training
Education to human love
Education on health and hygiene
Awareness Programme
Drug Addiction
Skill Development Programme
Income Generating Programme : Ornamnets, candles, incense cone
Coaching Classes for Children
Medical Camp
Summer Camp
Signs of Growth
The family visits and counseling sessions have paved the way for resettlements of families. The families have adjusted themselves to a greater extent with the meager needs and children have joined in various schools and colleges with the help of the Sisters. Though poverty has become rampant in the refugees camps, the regular visits of the Sisters along with the JRS has induced a sense of hope and they are continuing to meet the challenges faced daily.



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