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Report on Career guidance

  • As per the plan, the Career Guidance program was organized on 1st of March 2013 for the 10th Std students of Hr. Sec. School in MADRAS-Broadway from 3:00 pm on wards. The job placement coordinator called the HM of the school and fixed up the time with her for the session on career guidance.
  • The coordinator was there before time to begin the session. The session was precisely meant for the 10th Std and the presentation was prepared such a way, that the students studying 10th Std would benefit a lot.
  • Select Career after 10th Standard was the prime focus of the session. The session was begun with a short story that in short explained about the importance of choosing an apt course after 10th Std. Then the session was continued with an explanation on why 10th Std is called as The Crossroads.
  • The coordinator involved the student’s participation to help them understand the exact meaning of the crossroads. By this time, the students became very much participative and involved in the session.
  • The coordinator explained to the students about, the courses available after 10th Std and their respective areas of wider scope and opportunity in future. The students were given chance to raise any kind of questions with regard to the courses and their field of opportunity. The students raised many questions which were answered in an understandable manner.
  • In return the coordinator raised few questions to the students which the students were asked to answer.

Which course do I like?

What am I best at?

What do I want to do in my future?

Whatever I take, will I be able to complete it with flying colors?

Following this, the students were explained about   TOP 10 Diploma Courses after 10th.Explanation was given in detail, on the Diploma courses and the wider scope as the diploma course usually as no much appreciation among the students.

The session was concluded with a short story to choose the best they want and not what others want for them and a feedback session from the student’s point of view.


A Report on the Training Program on Leadership Development in Thirunindravur

The job placement coordinator was asked to give a training program to the children in Balavikas at Thirunindravur. The topic was Leadership development for children. It was planned to be held on 23/03/2013 in a small village near by Thirunindravur. The program was conducted from 5:30 Pm to 7:00pm.

Objectives of the training program

  • To give to the rural children the importance of leadership.
  • To get self motivated.
  • To make the students understand what is leadership and how it enhances the future life.
  • To build in students the confidence that each one is capable of becoming an efficient leader.

The content of the training program

The Trainer prepared a well interactive session which would better help the children to pick up the intention of the entire training program.

  1. Opening prayer

The trainer began the session with a small opening prayer with the help of a video clip which revolved around the motivation to become a good leader.

  1. Session on leader is within oneself

The Trainer used a prepared material to explain that each individual has a leader within with the help of chart. The students were asked to sit in a circle and made them to involve in the session and made them to understand it well.

     3. Session on who is a leader and what criteria determines a leader

           Each Student was give a sheet of chart paper and was asked to write on                         

           their own about who is a leader and what criteria makes a good   leader.

           The students came out with good answers and things were explained from

           whatever they wrote.

         4. Video clip on how to develop leadership qualities

            This video clip depicted a small boy initiating the leadership which results

            in others getting to the leadership initiatives.

         5. Game on leadership

 The students were divided into two groups. Each group was asked to select a leader for the group. Five chairs were kept in a zigzag position. The leaders were blind folded the   group members were asked to stand one after the leader landing in front. The leader then was asked to go in between the chairs without the dashing against the chairs. The member behind the leader was asked to help the leader to cross the obstacles. 

This taught them the importance of leader in a group as well the importance of the members in the group.

        6. Video clip on how to have self determination and have the feeling

           “I can”

This helped the students to have self determination and to develop the attitude of feeling that “I CAN”.

         7. Writing of Pledge

The students were divided into three groups, each group was asked to write their own pledge based on whatever they gained so for from the sessions. Each group was invited to come in front and take their oath before their teachers.

Finally the training program was ended with a short write- up of feedback by the students.



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