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Student orientation programme

Students Orientation Programme

Date:               30th September 2012

Venue:             Mariyalaya, Thiruppur

Resource:        ACE (Auxilium Center for Career Excellence)

            One-day orientation was given to the students of Mariyalaya of Thiruppur by ARUWYE. The resource person was Mr. Sagayam A, the program coordinator cum trainer, ARUWYE. There attended 32 trainees of the Mariyalaya and two staff of the Community college at Thiruppur. Sr. Victoria Selvi and Sr. Veda gave an introduction about the programme and the resource-person and asked the students to make the best use of the orientation programme.

            The resource-person started the orientation programme with a motivation session in which he explained to them why motivation is important to every human being and how they have to motivate themselves and the process of motivation. He showed video clippings on motivation and asked them to share the lessons that they learnt from those videos. 

                He conducted a discussion on “Who decides the Career of the students”. Most of the students said the career is decided by the parents. Even some of the parents go to the extent of threatening their children that they would not support them in studies unless they choose to study that their parents opted for them. He gave them Inputs on the importance of Career Planning, Goal setting and Positive Thinking or Positive Attitude. Then he enlightened them on ‘Multi-intelligence’ so that they would be able to know what intelligence is dominant in them and choose their career accordingly.

He explained to them the essentiality of life-skills and enlightened them on various life-skills like Decision Making, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Negotiation Skills, Interpersonal Relationship, Self Awareness, Empathy, Effective Communication and Coping with stress &   Emotions. Finally he gave them information on various higher studies and the availability of job market.

            During evaluation the students said that the orientation gave them knowledge on various soft and life skills which are very essential for a successful career.    



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