Vocational Training & Exposure Visits from September – October 2017

“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.” Organising and empowering the women groups to access their rights through education, livelihood savings enables them to become protagonists for their development. The self help group of Kodambakkam and Saidapet gathered together for the first phase for the Self Management workshop conducted by ARUWYE with the resource person of Rev.Fr. ANDREW RAJA (SDB) - Professor of MSW College from Tirupattur and his team. This programme was scheduled for two weeks, to educate Self Help Group members marketing strategy and support them to expand their business and to help them with strategic planning techniques. Vocational based training & activities 26 – October – 2017 – Vocational Based Training (Anmarudai) We had conducted a Vocational Based Training at Anmarudai Self Help Group members on 26.10.2017. 150 Self Help Group members participated in the training. The resource persons of the training was Mr. Dhanaraj and Fr. Andrew Raja (SDB) Objectives  To educate them to master over in what work they do in their daily life  To educate them to work in a group  To educate them to cultivate mushroom in their villages  To educate them on the market scan Activities Carried Out  10:00am - The session started with the prayer song and gospel reading. Mrs. KanikaiMary gave welcome address  10:30am - Mr. Dhanaraj facilitated the session. He explained the participants the importance need of using organic food and also he highlighted, why we have to cultivate.  11:45am - Mr. Dhanaraj explained them that, How we can cultivate mushroom with detailed explanation  12:30pm – Fr. Andrew Raja (SDB) from Tirupattur explained them to work in group in their village and how to do market scanning in the cities. He promised them that, he is ready to support them if they fully committed and trust worthy.  Sr. Shermila recapped the session and gave a vote of thanks Outcome The Self Help Group members plan to cultivate mushroom in their villages. Fr. Andrew Raja (SDB) promised them that he would give them a machine, which is used for mushroom cultivation costing about 3 lakhs. He also instructed Mr. Dhanaraj to facilitate Self Help Group Members. To begin mushroom cultivation shortly. 28 – October – 2017 – Exposure Visit - (Javadi Hills) Introduction We went for exposure visit to Jawadi Hills along with Self Help Group members on 28.10.2017. 10 Self Help Group members came for the exposure visit. Mr. Dhanaraj and Mr. Karthik (Speed Trust) facilitated us to visit different places in the Jawadi Hills. Objectives  To visit cultivation areas like, Sammai, Honey, Mushroom, Silk, Hen, Pig, Cow, Goat and vermicompost Activities Carried Out  10:30am – We visited paddy mill Sammai, and learnt about Hen farming, Pig breeding, Cattle breeding, Goat rearing and vermicompost. Mr. Dhanaraj explained one by one evidently.  12:30pm - Mr. Karthik explained that, how we could cultivate mushroom with visualizing the raw materials and also he explained about poultry farming.  3:00pm - We visited Honey and Silk farming places carried out at homes by various families and also interacted with village people. Outcome The self help group women got a good exposure and experience after visiting these places. They asked Mr. Dhanaraj to facilitate them to do all those works. This self Help Group members already cultivated the mushroom as they were trained. 03 – November – 2017 – Exposure Visit - (Palaverkadu) Introduction We went for a exposure visit to Palaverkadu along with Self Help Group members on 04.11.2017. 20 Self Help Group members came for the exposure visit. Ms. Chandra facilitated the session. Objectives  To visit Palaverkadu farming training centre Activities Carried Out  11:00am – We have visited Palaverkadu farming training centre. They have taught us to do manufacturing and marketing and also she has explained us the difficulties and merits in the marketing.  12:30pm – She explained to us, how to get things from Farmers and how the rate differs from the original. The resource person told them that, if they were interested to learn than they could learn and they would be ready to give them a business.  02:00pm – We visited the manufacturing unit Outcome Palm products are very rare in the cities but people love to buy these type of products. They are interested in these type of products. 25, 26 & 27 – September – 2017 – Incense Making Training Self Help Group members have been sent for Incense Making for three days training to Vyasarpadi. 21, 22, 24, 25, 26 & 27 – September – 2017 – Jute Bag Training Self Help Group members have been sent for Jute bag stretching, six days training to Vyasarpadi.

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