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Journey Made The FMA General Chapter XIX and XXs turned the glance from youth to women. In Indian context even the later adolescent girl is called as woman and expected to fulfill the duty of a woman. Hence we realize that we are called to listen to the cry of young women who are oppressed. The women empowerment year 1990 created in us the greater awareness about women’s cause, issues, problems and rights. So as consecrated women we saw the plight of the poorest women around us. It was a cry of the poor women and a call of God to reach out to them and so was the need of the hour. Mission: To foster hope for vulnerable specially women in crisis so that they become socially and politically contributing through education, capacity building, livelihood and Right based intervention. Strategy:
  • Formation of SHGs
  • Skills training
  • Capacity building
  • Encourage savings
  • Entrepreneual development
  • Bank linkages
  • Formation of Federation
No. of houses having SHGs8
Full time Sisters working with SHGs8
Full time Lay collaborators28
No. of SHGs in the Province1,346
No. of SHG members21,329
Total Savings1,520,563.31
Loan received from the Bank3,041,126.63
Average monthly income per member6,000 (91.24)
Signs of Growth: Underlying self-help is the basic theme "you are not alone".
  • In every celebration women are eagerly involving themselves and exhibiting their talents.
  • Most of the women started involving in Income Generative Activities for the economic empowerment.
  • They feel less isolated knowing other’s problems.
  • Exchange ideas and discuss effective ways to cope up with the problems
  • Gain a new sense of control over their lives.
  • Actively work on their attitudes and behavior to make positive change in their environment.
  • Most of the women are coming forward to render their services for a social change
  • Greater awareness levels on their rights, politically consious, socially acceptable and play an important role in decisions affecting themselves and their children



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