Goals and Objectives

  1. To promote quality, sustainable and coordinated development interventions among FMA India for concerted action and greater impact.
  2. To identify and evolve collective and appropriate strategies to accompany, serve and empower children, youth and women from rights-based and movemental perspectives.
  3. To encourage thematic networks for greater collaboration on focused interventions with the purpose of influencing policies of the government.
  4. To provide forum for sharing, learning and information exchange to broaden the knowledge-base and replicate best practices.
  5. To strengthen Inter-province, Zonal and National coordination on specific themes and issues by facilitating ongoing capacity development of FMA Staff and Sisters and strengthening networking campaigning, lobbying and advocacy skills.
  6. To fortify social dimension in the congregation by organizing social trainings to decision makers as well as those in formation and to promote collective reflection processes to contextualize FMA charism.
  7. To help out the provinces in streamlining, rationalizing and updating the present social interventions and assist them in planning, implementation evaluation and monitoring.
  8. To represent FMA-NDF in National and International Forums and facilitate linkages with human rights and developmental networks who are in conformity with FMA-NDF vision.
  9. To create greater visibility through process documentation, publication of success stories and reports, websites and documentaries.
  10. To respond promptly and effectively to emerging development opportunities, challenges and demands at the National level by engaging in micro researches.
  11. To mobilize resources through Alumnae, Government, National and International Organizations and Corporate sectors to support FMA developmental activities.

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