Kolkata Province

Kolkata Province Social Action Information

The Salesian Sisters (FMA) of Kolkata belonged to the province of Immaculate Heart of Mary, Shillong until 1987, the year in which the bifurcation of the province took place. It was canonically erected on 10th February 1987 and was inaugurated on 24th September with its Provincialate at Dum Dum.  At the time of its inception the existing eight communities had schools and  boardings catering to the poorer and middle classes for their formal education and formation according to the spirit and charism of our Holy Founders St. John Bosco and St. Mary Domenica Mazzarello. Other apostolic and social development activities were: parish apostolate, family and village apostolate, daily and Sunday oratories, tailoring, typing and shorthand, mother and child health care, dispensary etc.  As per the vision and mission of the NDF- FMA India, Kolkata Salesian Sisters Development Society (KSSDS) of the province is now focusing on re-structuring and strengthening the existing social ministries and giving formal continuity to VTC, SHG, IGP, NIOS, YaR, women empowerment and initiating children’s parliament.



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