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The province of St. Mary Mazzarello (INB) began in the year 1982 having 8 Centres which increased to 32 centres in a span of 25 years in the four States of India: Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa and Karnataka The interventions are directed towards poor and disadvantaged youth, especially girls, women and children become good citizens through integral human development and education for life, with the special educative charism of Don Bosco and Mary Mazzarello. The social ministry gradually evolved in the various centres especially those situated in the rural areas and the urban slum neighbourhoods.  The poverty, illiteracy and underdeveloped situations led the sisters to reach out in non formal ways. It was only since the year 2000 with the Participatory Strategic Planning process undergone by the entire province that these areas of works began to be carried out in a methodic and coordinated way. Today out of the 32 centres, we have about 16 centres that are in social ministry. The  Office details  are as follows: SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT OFFICE Post. Bag 18001 WADALA WEST MUMBAI - 400 031
Email: Mobile  +91 9930199402
PROVINCE OF MUMBAI (INB) Sr. Wilma De Souza Auxilium Centre Provincial Office Post Box 19877, St.Andrew’s Road Bandra, Mumbai – 400 050 (022) 6580 4650/26559604



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