Training on SDGs in view of Children’s Parliament- Manivakkam, Chennai, Sept 16- Sept 18

Day --1 – 16.09.2018 The day commenced with the animation of the Morning Prayer followed by the Eucharistic celebration by the Chennai Province. At 9.00 a.m. TOT workshop on SDG goals in children’s Parliament began with a video song by Brother Steve Rocha the resource person who invited us to listen to the radical voice of God. Sr.Isabella Alphonse, NDF coordinator introduced the resource persons, Bro. Steve Rocha the executive Director of NGO PRATYek and along with Denzil Basil the programme co-ordinator. It was followed by a brief explanation about the functioning of the Development offices of the seven provinces, which are under the umbrella of National Development Forum by Sr. Isabella. She mentioned that this TOT was organized on sustainable development goals to enhance our works with children. Sr. Margrete Pathi the animator of SEARCH ASHRAM welcomed the 29 Participants from 6 FMA Provinces and motivated us by her reflection on Pope’s encyclical Guadate et Exultate. The Beatitudes are a Christian’s identity card. She concluded by the saying of Mother Teresa “Opposite of love is not hatred but indifference. not to be indifferent but to extend out” The first session began at 9.15am with a brain gym exercise by Brother Steve where he asked the participants to clap hands for the numbers he mentioned to activate our brains. Ground rules for the TOT were laid for the next three days. Expectations of the participants were listed on the board. They were SDGs impact, Human rights, Advocacy, Development of children’s Manifesto etc. He introduced the topic about SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) the 17 goals signed by the world leaders. The three main areas focused upon were to end Poverty, reduce inequality, Earth for all by 2030. It was followed by a introduction of the participants through creative ice breakers. To the existing 17 Goals the NGO PRATYek has added Goal 18 - ALL RIGHTS FOR ALL CHILDREN. Participants were divided into 3 groups. Steve and Denzil began the process of explaining the goals using different methods and activities, such as drawing symbols, miming and guessing by the group members. Each group in their turn did what was expected and points were allotted to groups for the correct answer. The post lunch session began at 2.30 pm with a short physical exercise. This was followed by the explanation on 4 principal keys of Universality, Sustainability, Participation, Excluded groups. Steve further deepened our understanding about the following,  WE HHTP – Development for all  Water and sanitation, Education, Health, Hunger, Technology and Poverty  WE GP2S – Inclusion of all  Work, Equality, Gender, Peace, People, Safe and Safety  WE COP2 – Earth for all  Waste, Energy, Climate Change, Ocean, Planet and Prosperity. After that the participants were divided into six groups and they were given 3 handouts related to the goals. The groups were asked to write down three problems, with one practical recommendation to the government representing the voices of children. The charts prepared creatively were passed on to the other groups for further recommendation and the charts were displayed in the hall. The next session began with an explanation on the topic NINE IS MINE. This was followed by a brief discussion on linkages between SDGs and constitution articles. In the last session each individual participant was asked to write down one goal with a task along with their favourite food and the place where they come from. The exercises ended with the a few participants sharing their goals and tasks on Quality Education and Health. Oral evaluation of the day was done through sharing of day’s experiences by dividing the participants in groups of two and a few participants voiced out their experiences and enriched the group with their knowledge and experience Lessons learnt for the Day: 1. Participants were enlightened on 17 goals along with 18th goal by PRATYeK. 2. Implementation of the SDGs in the respective groups under our care. 3. Various methodologies used were creative, understandable and practical. 4. Problems and recommendations related to the SDGS helped us to deepen our knowledge. 5. Participants are equipped to conduct the similar training for NCP groups. The evening prayer was animated by the Bengaluru Province. The good night by Sr.Mary Joseph INK who cited the Chinese proverb‘Keep a green branch in your heart singing birds will come in’. Like Don Bosco keep smile on our lips and words in the ear as we serve the children and youth. Day -- 2 – 17.09.2018 The second day began with a prayer by Bro. Steve and Denzil. The theme was, “Act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with God”. Report of the previous day was read by sisters of the Mumbai Province and everyone appreciated the well prepared report. The morning session began with an activity by analyzing the 17 goals of SDGs. Brother Steve reflected on the connection of SDGs with human rights. This was followed by a brief discussion and introduction on human rights. He explained the difference between Justice and peace and equality. The participants were briefed about the history and purpose of human rights. The participants were enlightened on the 30 human rights indoctrinated in the United Nations. This was followed by a group discussion and participants were divided in groups of three. Participants were given different words and themes to discuss and share their thoughts with each other. Human rights are essential to achieve SDGs. Brother Steve enriched all of us through video clips on Human rights. He encouraged us to know more about Human rights on the website The next session was on International Human Rights Mechanism. Steve explained about the Universal periodic Review (UPR) report by which a group of children even from rural villages could reach and write their recommendation to the United Nations. He explained in detail about Advocacy. The participants were also enlightened about ratification and signing of conventions. With regard to child’s protection, opportunities and human rights in our organizations/where we work, the participants individually gave a rating for 25 questions that were put up by Denzil. This was followed by a detail discussion on the 17 SDG goals in connection with the human rights where participants were divided in groups of two and different groups prepared different agendas on how these goals could work in various levels of our NCP groups. After this the participants shared their ideas views on the effective functioning of NCP by various persons. It was an enriching experience for all of us. The day ended with the Thaize prayer with some melodious singing and music by the Shillong province. We thank the Lord for the day of learning and enlightenment. Date - 3 - : 18.09.2018 The day was begun with a morning prayer followed by celebration of Holy Eucharist. The prayer was animated by Sisters of Shillong Province. 9.00 AM- The first session started with a prayer song followed by Recitation of the Lord’s Prayer by different persons. Mr. Antony from Bangalore Province read out the previous day’s report. Ice Breaker: A game was played where the participants passed an imaginary energy ball to each other making a special sound while passing the ball around. After the game Bro. Steve Rocha briefed the participants on the difference between JUSTICE & CHARITY. A question was given where the participants were asked to put forth their mechanisms and ideas as a defender of the rights of the last child in the family. This was followed by a game “Fire in the Mountain” where the participants were asked to form groups of three persons from different provinces. In the game the participants were asked to share and write down their ideas of how a child could contribute to the children’s parliament at different levels, for instance at his/her home level, locality, etc. This was then followed by a photo session where a group-wise and province-wise photo was taken of all the participants. After this Bro. Steve initiated the discussion on how to make our Children’s Parliament more vibrant. The participants were divided in to province wise groups and were asked to design the WAY FORWARD action plans for the NCPs in line with the SDGs goals that could be implemented in the respective province. This was followed by writing down the action plan on the chart papers. Topic: Differentiate between Need/ Rights and Wants The participants were then divided in to two groups (group A & B). Representatives from each group were given a word (eg. playground, TV, Laptop, Health etc.) and were asked to act out the word mentioned, and their respective group members were asked observe the act and identify the correct word. Oonce the correct word were identified the group was asked to place it either to the side of NEED/RIGHT or to the side of WANTS. Leadership Game: Then participants were divided into three groups. A leader was selected from each group and each leader was vested with an characteristic as to how to manage his / her group. The three groups were than given the task of making a tower out of newspaper. All the three groups tried their best to make a tower out of the papers provided. Brother Denzil then explained the objective of this activity was to identify the different types of leadership qualities found in children. He further explained to the participants that this was important for election of children to different posts in the children’s parliament. After this each one of the participants wrote their questions and doubts in a sheet of paper and it was clarified By Brother Steve.. Valedictory Function: 4.30 PM Valedictory function was organized in which each province expressed their words of love & gratitude to the organizer Sr. Isabela the National Coordinator of NDF, Resource Persons Bro. Steve Rocha and Bro. Denzil Basil, the hosting community and to all the participants.

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